If you want to approach your house professional setting without insights and experiments

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If you want to approach your house professional setting without insights and experiments, then you have come to the right place.

Man. Ah! The man! It started there. From here, plus a song from the “Men at Work”. And so we proposed a return in time. Back when the big picture outline man by physical toil and bread in the sweat won. Literally! We are strong, we are cranky, we are happy, we are crooked, assured us, but we can easily mature and immature to become. And being aware that we also have a sensitivity rude men, in the nicest sense of the word, we imagined a space that satisfied our whims and complete landscape of today’s society. We recognize that we and our days off from the context, meaning that we wanted to get our hands dirty, to use tools, I left a startle mental content and outlined the outside. D’arc. The Bar !!!
D’arc is a mix of forms spontaneously industry. It’s a game of shapes, basic materials, simple techniques without sophisticated approaches, she wants to keep the functionality clear sight. The colors are natural, unprocessed materials belonging. From fixtures, copper, handmade, flame, hammer, outline the basic idea, in other words they are the first to make a clear distinction in the atmosphere that print space. Luminaires are also present with apparent path curpru pipes forming an authentic line of space. Our favorites remain those who reigns above the bar, and here probably become subjective, since they are broken Ezzo Design and conception of imagination even of our hands. The material used: wood. Because wood is talking about identity we are all familiar and keep naturalness interior. The same impression I left it on the corner bar: on the one hand we used concrete, designed to link the floor of the same material, but a corner of the bar was born from the game of wooden beams that will fill the gap design- contemporary. Behind the bar furniture was made of copper pipes and accessories. The furniture, wood and metal, are made in Timisoara and remind them again and essential forms, natural, instinctive approach you. D’arc meant and process control implementation of our project, hence the decision to get involved in every stage. So were born leather seats, big challenge, and that’s because we had to run into 4 workshops (the latter belonging to the shoemakers who sewed all seats manual).
Therefore, we created a space like an oasis that enhance idea of ​​masculinity and industrial design, is a reflection of strong personalities and simple qualities, what a beautiful place and ask the customer experience.

April 24, 2015